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Data Breach Service

Check if your account has been compromised

Here you can check if your account has been exposed in any data theft to companies and websites. The FBI also feeds this database with emails and passwords that they find in their criminal investigations.

You must enter a valid email.

Searching in database

  • We must not only keep our devices free of malware and protected against all possible threats that we can find. Unfortunately also our accounts can be externally compromised without our knowledge.
  • Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram or any other company where you have entrusted your data, can be victims of the hundreds of data breaches that occur each year. 
  • Once the breach occurs, your email, password or any other data you have entrusted could be publicly exposed for cyber criminals to use
  • It is very important to know as soon as possible if your account has been compromised in order to take the necessary actions.​​
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