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Protect the most vulnerable, but with people

ironGate Cybersecurity was born with a clear mission: Protect companies and private users from all kinds of security and privacy threats.

ironGate differs from the rest of the products on the cybersecurity market in its unique concept.

We offer a cybersecurity service of the type:

MDR (Management Detection and Response)

Leveraging a combination of EDR technology and human-delivered security expertise, an MDR service provides advanced attack prevention, detection, and remediation, as well as targeted, risk-based threat hunting.

At ironGate we have made a selection of the best corporate cybersecurity products with EDR and MDR functionality that exist and that you can download and try for free. You can install it yourself very easily in just over two minutes.

No technical knowledge of cybersecurity is necessary. We will manage and monitor your devices 24x7, so you can completely stop worrying.

Our service is the closest thing to having your own cybersecurity department.

​Whether you are an individual or a SME, if you want to be protected as large companies are, ironGate is your best option


In just 3 steps


We choose the best solution

We choose, from Gartner's magic quadrant, those that stand out for being visionaries or leaders, and of these, we only use their flagship corporate products.


Install on your devices

Download the products and install them on any mac, pc, iphone or android. In a few minutes you will have your devices protected. If you want we can also do it for you.


We take care of you. 24h/day

For us this is the most important step. Once you have the cybersecurity program installed on your device, our job of ensuring your security really begins. 

Business Protection

Contact us and we will send you an offer

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