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Cómo instalar
Installation manuals

The installation of our products is so simple that it does not require manuals but if you need them  you can consult them  and download here .

Identificación dispositivos
Device name localization

If we have to solve a specific technical incident, we may ask you to provide us with the name of your team. Here  We show you how to locate it very easily.



1. Top left corner of your computer.

2. Apple (Apple). In the drop down menu  we choose 'system preferences'.

3. In the third line of icons, we select 'network'

4. On the network screen, bottom right, click  in 'advanced'

5. After  we select 'WINS'

6. In the field called 'NetBIOS name' appears the name of your device

Identificador mac. Preferencias
Identificador Mac. Red
Identificador Mac. Wins
Identificador mac. Netbios

Windows PC


1. Open a window with the file explorer.

2. Click with the second mouse button on 'This computer or My computer'

3. In the dropdown menu click on 'properties'

4. In the 'Name configuration' section it appears in 'team name'

Reportar Amenaza
Report a threat to ironGate

ironGate, to preserve your privacy, cannot know the origin of the threats that we report to you.

If you want us to investigate it, you can send us a screenshot of the detection that appears on your mobile. Download this PDF with the instructions.

Referencias ténicas
Technical references
white papers

Mobile Phishing Myths and Facts

(only in English)


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