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ironGate is the best antivirus for iPhone and Android mobiles

Our clients do not want to depend of antivirus, they prefer that our specialists make sure that their mobile phone is protected at all times.

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ironGate is a new premium antivirus service

We protect home users and small businesses from all kinds of security and privacy threats. 
We use the most advanced technology available to keep your phones and computers protected. We periodically select the best corporate antivirus for iPhone and Android and that is the one our customers will use. At the moment the antivirus we use at ironGate is Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security which offers an enterprise level of protection with over 200 million devices protected.

Our team of cybersecurity professionals will ensure your privacy and the security of your devices:

  • The configuration is done by us remotely.

  • We perform an initial review to detect the problems you currently have.

  • We notify you if something goes wrong or if you have to update the operating system.

  • Every week we inform you of the security status of your device.

ironGate is much more than antivirus software, it is a proactive service with cybersecurity experts who protect you from threats that can steal your money, your data and damage your privacy. We carry out the antivirus configuration and we are aware of any changes that have to be made. That's why with ironGate your device is protected without you having to do anything.


Try ironGate for 30 days at no cost

ironGate mobile

From €8.25 month

Antivirus moviles

Support from security experts

Enjoy close and uninterrupted assistance from an expert from our team dedicated exclusively to your security

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